Condolences Go Out to FDNY Bravest from Saddened Citizens

Fire heroes' friends and relatives are offering money and words of condolence and gratitude to the special Uniformed Firefighters Association fund launched by The Post to help the families of three city firefighters killed and four critically injured in the line of duty on Jan. 23.

"My heart goes out to all the families of these heroes, as well as the entire Fire Department," wrote a woman from upstate Middletown, whose brother works with one of the three firefighters who died in two separate blazes in The Bronx and Brooklyn.

Wrote a Long Island woman whose late father was a firefighter: "I am very saddened by the terrible deaths and injuries . . . May the injured get well soon. My prayers are with them."

The firefighters who lost their lives on the Fire Department's worst day since Sept. 11 were Lt. Curtis Meyran, 46, of Battalion 26; John Bellew, 37, of Ladder Co. 27; and Richard Sclafani, 37, of Ladder Co. 103.

The injured heroes are Jeffrey Cool, 37, and Joseph DiBernardo, 34, of Rescue Co. 3; and Eugene Stolowski, 33, and Brendan Cawley, 31, of Ladder 27.

The UFA is managing all facets of the Heroes Fund. All the money raised will go to the seven firefighters' families, and the union will divide the funds evenly among them.

Those who want to contribute should send a check to: Heroes Fund, c/o Uniformed Firefighters Association, 204 E. 23rd St., New York, N.Y. 10010.

Contributions are not tax deductible.

Inquiries about the fund can be directed to Sheila Pettit of the UFA at (212) 545-6962.

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