Mudslide Causes Widespread Destruction In California Town

A huge mudslide crashed down on homes in a coastal hamlet with terrifying force Monday, killing at least one person and leaving up to 12 missing as a Pacific storm hammered Southern California for a fourth straight day.

``We're talking real ugly conditions. In 12 years with the NHP I've never seen conditions that bad,'' Trooper Jeff Bowers said.

The train of storms that have slammed into California also have spread rain, snow and ice eastward across the nation.

The storms have piled up 10 feet of snow in the Rockies, where three skiers on a family outing were reported missing Monday.

Four snowmobilers were stranded overnight near Steamboat Springs, Colo., after they got stuck. None was injured, but they considered themselves lucky to get out alive Sunday morning.

Jesse Goble and his brother-in-law started a fire with a stick they saturated in gasoline and lit from a spark plug on one of their machines. They spent the night cutting up a dead tree to feed the flames, sharing a single water bottle with melted snow and four Snickers bars.

``We were fortunate that it was 20 degrees and mostly clear,'' Goble said. ``A few things different, it would have been a whole different story.''

Last week's heavy rain and snow also produced flooding along the Ohio River that has affected communities in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, covering riverside roads and forcing some residents to evacuate. One person died Monday in Ohio when he drove into high water.

Tens of thousands remained without power.