Police: Kokomo, Indiana Fire That Killed Four was Intentionally Set

KOKOMO, Ind. (AP) -- A weekend house fire that killed a woman and three children was intentionally set, police said Tuesday.

No arrests were immediately made and investigators were not releasing details on how the fire was started, police Lt. Don Whitehead said.

''There are certainly people we are interested in talking to,'' he said.

The house was engulfed in heavy smoke and flames when firefighters arrived Sunday morning. Crews searched the home and found Amy Parrish, 25, along with her sons, Dacota Rasmussen, 4, and Caleb Parrish, 2, and stepson Casey Parrish, 11. They were all soon pronounced dead.

Parrish's husband was the only family member to survive the fire. His sister, Lori Teter, said in an interview that he fell from a second-story window as he tried to find an escape route for the family.

Michael Parrish, 37, suffered 22 cuts when he fell through the window, Teter said. He was released Monday from Howard Regional Health System.

Parrish woke up about 8 a.m. to a bedroom filled with smoke and his wife telling him that the house was on fire, Teter said.

''He couldn't see. He tried to open the window and ran into it,'' she told the Kokomo Tribune for a story Tuesday. ''He tried to stop, to stay inside the house, but he couldn't. He landed on the ground.''

Teter said her brother tried to get back inside the house after he fell, but the fire was too intense.

''He keeps saying, 'It should have been me. Why wasn't it me?''' she said.

Amy Parrish and the three children all died of smoke inhalation, the Howard County coroner's office said. Caleb was the son of Michael and Amy Parrish; Dacota was her son from a previous relationship, and Casey was his son from a previous relationship.

The couple's 1-year-old daughter was unharmed because she was staying at a relative's home.