Forums Surpasses 100,000 Members

The Forums reached a milestone this winter after registering its 100,000th online user.

The Forums reached a milestone this winter after registering its 100,000th online user.

Almost a quarter of those 100,000 users registered in just the last year. As of February 9th the total number stood at 102,086 users. The forums also passed 50,000 threads and is fast approaching 400,000 posts. co-founder Chris Hebert said he never expected the forums to grow so large when it started six years ago.

"I never thought would be as big as it is today, so obviously when we started the forums I never thought it would reach 100,000" he said.

He estimates that about 70 percent of the U.S. fire service has online access - 800,000 to 900,000 people. That means that over 10 percent of the online firefighting community is in there talking, he said.

Compared to other professions, "That's almost unheard of," Hebert said. "It's because when firefighters go home they're thinking about work. I don't think there's any other profession out there, or passion out there, that has the kind of following this does."

The lucky 100,000th person to register was volunteer firefighter Stephen Bryant of the Mottville Fire Company in New York, who will now receive a lifetime subscription to the Memberszone.

Bryant, 19, joined the forums in late January because "You get to talk to people from all over the place," he said. He also signed up for the Memberszone, which he uses for reference material for his college courses in Fire Protection Technology.

"It's an excellent resource to have," Bryant said. He said he also looks at the job listings because he hopes to attain a career position with a fire department in New York, South Carolina or North Carolina.

He said he got involved with the online fire service community after learning about it through Firehouse Magazine. He also knew about it through a colleague at the firehouse. "One of our senior members is on all the time," Bryant said.

Several other forum members also contributed comments on the growth of the Forums.

Engineer-Paramedic Mike Kilburg of the Country Club Hills, Illinois Fire Department and IAFF Local 2720 said he began viewing soon after it launched.

"On September 11th, 2001 and the following days and months afterwards, I felt was one of the best sources for up to date and accurate information," he wrote. "I started posting in the threads and have found them to be at times funny, sad, infuriating and informative. I have really enjoyed getting to read about the many shared problems, along with the good things faced by firefighters worldwide. I have learned a lot about places I never gave a second thought to previously. Thanks for all the hard work. I know it is not easy being the "web police" at times. Firefighters are not the easiest people in the world to give "direction" to. Here's to continued success."

Another letter from H.E. "Ed" Woods, Assistant Fire Chief-Operations of the Glenn Dale Volunteer Fire Association in Prince George's County Maryland reads,

"First and foremost, congratulations. As a grouchy old chief, who has been around for a while (46 years in the fire service) I've seen some things come and go, but I don't think anyone in the fire service thought that the idea of a web based magazine would catch on like it has."

Speaking of co-founder and publisher Dave Iannone, Woods wrote, "Being 'in the neighborhood' and remembering some kid from the Hyattsville VFD who not only had an idea, but knew how to get the ball rolling, (Coolball?) I thought there would be something come of Dave's ideas, but I had no idea that would be the success that it is today.

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