Four Dead In Texas House Fire

TEMPLE, Texas (AP) -- Firefighters found a woman and her three sons dead in a house after a police officer responding to a welfare call saw charring around the front door, authorities said.

A neighbor had called police Friday night, advising that the residents had not been seen all day, were not answering the phone or the door, and there appeared to be a fire in the residence, police Lt. Lyn Salvany said in a statement. Firefighters also responded to the call.

``Responding officers did find evidence of a fire and along with the fire department made forced entry into the residence,'' Salvany said.

Police identified the victims as Kathy Ramirez, 35, and her three sons _ Eric Ramirez, 14, and 5-year-old twins Devin and Isaiah Blackmon.

Temple Police Commander Edward Best told the Temple Daily Telegram for its Sunday editions that the investigation has reached a stopping point until autopsy results are in.

Until the causes of death are established, Best said investigators will not comment on whether the fire was an accident or arson.

``We're not even going to speculate until we get results back,'' Best said. He said that the results will determine if it ``is or is not going to be crime scene.''

Thomas Pechal, public information officer for Temple Fire and Rescue, said the investigation was in the hands of the Temple police.

Brenda Drobny, who until June lived in the house that burned, said she was shocked to learn of the fire.

``It just gave me cold chills,'' said Drobny, 48.

Drobny had met the woman who moved in after she left and said she had a boyfriend or husband who apparently lived with her and the children.

``She was real sweet, real sweet,'' Drobny said.