Two Die in Faulkner County, Arkansas Fire

GUY, Ark. (AP) -- Two teenagers died in fire at a mobile home where the occupants were using an oven as a source of heat, Faulkner County authorities said.

The mother of the victims, Angela Englant, told authorities that she thought her daughters were behind her as she fled the burning home. Once outside the home near Guy, Englant said neighbors helped her break windows to try to reach the young people, but the flames early Saturday kept them out.

Firefighters identified the dead as Taffanie Byrd, 19, and Sherri Englant, 16. Greenbrier Assistant Fire Chief Curtis Bradley said the victims appeared to have become disoriented before dying of smoke inhalation.

The mother told firefighters that a pet woke her up and that she saw flames. She said her daughters were with her in the living room and they were heading for the front door.

Guy Fire Chief Wesley Stephens said the victims could have gone back for something or could have gotten lost in the smoke.