Three Found Dead in Parkersburg, West Virginia Fires

City and county authorities are investigating three suspected homicides in two Saturday incidents that may be connected.

A Saturday morning shooting in which two people were wounded does not appear to be connected to the deaths, Conley said.

"Right now it doesn't appear that they were related," she said.

Some 19th Street residents were without water after firefighters extinguished the 19th Street blaze. Gainer said this was the result of two water line breaks caused as the fire hydrants were being closed.

When a valve is shut too quickly, either by someone closing it or as a result of the valve slipping, the rushing water can create a "water hammer," Gainer said, shaking the line and causing it to break at a weak point. Gainer said the firefighter closing the line reported shutting it slowly.

Parkersburg Utility Board workers fixed the breaks. All the houses had water again by Saturday afternoon or early evening, Gainer said.