Fire at Minnesota's Voyageurs National Park is Nearly Out

INTERNATIONAL FALLS, Minn. (AP) -- The largest forest fire in decades at Voyageurs National Park is nearly out, park officials said Tuesday.

The fire burned slightly over two square miles, or 1,435 acres, in a remote part of the park last month. When last observed, the park said in a statement, the fire was still burning after several days of soaking rain - but just barely. The largest hot spot firefighters found smoldering last week was barely one square foot.

Whether the fire goes out or grows will depend on the weather.

Park officials kept a close eye on the lightning-caused fire but let it burn because such fires are part of the normal life cycle of a forest, and it didn't threaten any structures.

Because of the lowered risk, park officials reopened some trails and lakes for day trips Tuesday, while a few other lakes and the trails to them remain closed.