Accident Report: Deputy 'Confused' about Location in Crash that Killed Kansas Firefighter

Shortly after his patrol car collided Dec. 29, 2004, with a vehicle driven by a Basehor firefighter, deputy Robert L. Peterman told an investigator that he was "confused about which road to turn on."

He also told investigators that the collision was the first accident he'd been involved in during 10 years working as a deputy. Peterman was hired by Leavenworth County on Oct. 11, 2001, according to Diane Collins, director of human resources for the county.

Gorup was also traveling north on 155th Street on Dec. 29. Peterman's vehicle passed Gorup's en route to the accident. Gorup witnessed the Moore-Peterman collision and made a statement to a highway patrol investigator.

Gorup said Moore -- a probationary firefighter since Aug. 2004 -- had been on 18 emergency calls. Gorup told the investigator that Moore was familiar with the area.

"I think he knew it pretty good. Why is it that the deputy, having been on as long as he had, couldn't find Donahoo and Jared could? Was he lost?"

"I don't know why (Peterman) was in such a hurry, there was already an ambulance and fire truck on scene," Gorup told investigators. "The only thing that he could have done when he got there was set up flares." He continued, "How come he didn't slow down to let Jared turn? I think he was lost."

Gorup also recalled that, after emergency crews arrived at the Moore-Peterman accident scene, "I saw the deputy walk over to Chuck Magaha (Leavenworth County Emergency Management coordinator and a Fairmount Township firefighter) and say,