New Mexico Firefighters Busy with Baby Deliveries

ALBUQUERQUE (AP) -- Albuquerque firefighters have made three special deliveries in a week.

They helped three mothers who couldn't get to the hospital on time to deliver their babies, said Lt. Lynn Reule, spokeswoman for the Albuquerque Fire Department.

``All of our firefighters, EMTs and paramedics are trained for this type of emergency,'' she said. ``We just don't expect it to happen this often, but we're prepared for anything.''

On Sunday, dispatchers were called to a northeast Albuquerque apartment complex by a woman who said her neighbor was in labor.

Dispatchers talked the mother-to-be through the initial stages of labor and firefighters arrived about one minute before the baby boy was born, Reule said.

Albuquerque firefighters helped deliver two other babies on Friday.

The first was born in a car that pulled onto the shoulder of Interstate 25 in northeast Albuquerque. The other was delivered in an ambulance en route to the hospital.

Reule said all of the mothers and babies were healthy.