Memorial in Honor of Teen Wyoming Firefighter Killed by Drunk Driving Firefighter to be Dedicated

NEWCASTLE, Wyo. (AP) -- A memorial made of stone and steel is to be dedicated Saturday in honor of Anndee Huber, a 16-year-old volunteer firefighter who was killed in a crash on the way to a fire last year.

Ronald Callier, 47, was driving the truck when it rolled over on the way to a grass fire. He was accused of driving drunk and pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide on May 22, 2003.

He spent 208 days in jail before his sentencing and was sentenced to time served. He was also ordered to pay $9,987 in restitution.

The memorial has a square base with a pillar in the center that will be topped with a bell and an eagle, volunteer firefighter Lynn Busskohl, the memorial's designer, told the Newcastle News Letter Journal.

``We discussed doing a memorial right after we lost Anndee but we wanted it to be special,'' Newcastle Volunteer Firefighter Department Chief Donnie Stevenson said. ``Lynn took time to look at other memorials and then came up with the design we built.''

Huber's death prompted Gov. Dave Freudenthal, State Fire Marshal Jim Narva and fire officials nationwide to call for a ban on alcohol in small-town firehouses that often double as social clubs.

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