Rhode Island Firefighter Fired for Allegedly Smoking Marijuana in Bathroom

CRANSTON, R.I. (AP) -- A Cranston firefighter is out of a job, after being accused of smoking marijuana in a bathroom at a polling place on Primary Day last month.

Bruce Torman's last day is Thursday, according to a letter sent by the city's personnel department. The 42-year-old lieutenant was working as a poll observer when he allegedly slipped into the bathroom at Arlington Elementary School to smoke the joint. A state police trooper caught whiff of the scent in the bathroom. and allegedly found Torman with a small container of the drug, The Providence Journal reported.

Torman has been charged with misdemeanor drug possession.

He has been a firefighter since 1992, and was promoted to lieutenant four years ago.

A firefighters union representative said the group will file a grievance. A union spokesman said the city is jumping the gun by not allowing Torman to have his day in court first.