Arson Investigators Focus on Teen in Oklahoma City Fire That Killed Six

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- Arson investigators have focused on an 18-year-old Oklahoma City woman in their probe of a fatal fire that killed six people, the woman's mother said.

Pat Coberly said her daughter, April Coberly, is being pressured to confess to starting a fire that killed five members of the Somers-Wilder family and a neighbor.

Pat Coberly told KWTV that her daughter had taken a lie detector test Thursday morning. The results were not known.

``She told them (fire investigators) that she didn't do it, she didn't do it,'' Pat Coberly said, ``and they have told her that if she admits she did it, then she would just go for counseling, but if she didn't (admit it), she'd go to jail. That's what she told me.

``She felt like she just wanted to go ahead and admit it, because she didn't want ... I guess she didn't want to go to jail.''

The Coberlys lived next door to the Somers-Wilder family. Neighbor, Karla Hayes, 15, also died in the blaze.

Oliver ``Jack'' and Connie Somers-Wilder, ages 63 and 58 respectively, and their children, Daneel, 19; Leisylle, 17; and Aimy, 12, were killed. Funeral services were scheduled for Friday.

The fire has not been ruled an arson, said Oklahoma City Fire Chief Alan Benson. Its cause remains under investigation.

``We are interviewing people,'' he said. ``I don't know any more than that. We are following up all the leads.''

Coberly said her daughter was told the fire began in a cardboard box containing dog feces. The box was on the Somers-Wilders' porch, she said.

On a tape of her 911 call Sunday, Connie Somers-Wilder can be heard telling a dispatcher the fire was on the porch.

Coberly said her daughter and the four Somers-Wilder children were inseparable and she does not think her daughter is responsible for the fire.

Despite all that, Coberly said she wouldn't be surprised if her daughter confessed.

``It's so sad,'' she said. ``It's the worst thing ever.''