Massachusetts Firefighter Facing Charges; 33 Teens Arrested At His House For Underage Drinking

A Millville firefighter will be charged after 33 underage teen drinkers were arrested at his home over the weekend, police said.

Joshua Poznanski, 23, of 103 Central St., will be summoned to court to answer charges of keeping a noisy and disorderly house, selling and delivering liquor to a person under 21 and contributing to the delinquency of a child, Millville Police Chief Timothy Ryan said yesterday.

The arrests come two weeks after police in neighboring Blackstone arrested 43 minors for underage alcohol possession.

Millville Police went to Poznanski's home around 11:30 p.m. Saturday after neighbors complained about noise and found the minors, a beer keg and a large quantity of hard liquor, Ryan said.

The town's other full-time firefighter was also at the party, but will not face any charges, Ryan said.

Millville Fire Chief John Mullaly was unavailable for comment last night.

Officers took the rest of the partygoers -- including eight Milford teens -- into custody, Ryan said.

Those arrested include:

Thomas J. Bonadei, 19, of 20 Butler St., Blackstone; David C. Savard, 19, of 240 Elm St., Blackstone; Joshua Allard, 19, of 57 Rocco Drive, Blackstone; Matthew F. Sullivan, 20, 235 Lincoln St., Blackstone; Adam T. Thibault, 20, 277 Main St., Blackstone; Kyle J. Duggan, 20, 334 Blackstone St., Blackstone; Thomas M. Wojick, 20, 64 Mendon St., Blackstone; Charles E. Macrae, 18, of 26 Farm St., Blackstone; Jason A. Parenteau, 17, of 99 Blackstone St., Blackstone; and Corrie P. Calkins, 20, of 7 Market St., Blackstone.

Also, Adam Figuerido, 18, of 452 East St., Uxbridge; Joshua A. Blauth, 18, of 2 Sharon Circle, Uxbridge; Anna M. Tarantino, 17, of 18 Seagrave St., Uxbridge; James F. Callahan, 18, of 82 South Bow St., Milford; Joseph A. DeSantis, 18, of 76 Mount Pleasant St., Milford; Mark J. Alger, 18, of 7 Gibbon Ave., Milford; and Michael J. Alves, 17, of 2 Essex St., Milford.

Also, Michaela DiFrancesco, 19, of 4 Colonial Drive, Mendon; John J. O'Connell, 17, of 3 Providence St., Mendon; Nicole M. Delorto, 17, of 179 Providence Road, Grafton; and Michelle L. Nordstrom, 20, of 11 Roslyn Road, East Douglas.

Christina M. McLaughlin, 20, of 52 Main St., Upton; Matthew A. Bettendorf, 19, of 12 Wildwood Circle, Millville; Daniel B. Dearborn, 20, of 43 Providence St., Millville; and Emily L. Dulac, 17, of 71 Quaker St., Millville.

Two teens were charged with being minors in possession of alcohol and disorderly conduct. They are Elizabeth A. Avery, 19, of 16 Cross St., Uxbridge and Abdul L. Ibrahim, 18, of 42 North Vine St., Milford.

Six 16-year-olds were also charged, including three Milford girls, one Douglas girl, an Uxbridge boy and a Millville boy, police said.

Poznanski will be summoned to Milford Juvenile Court on the charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and Uxbridge District Court on the other charges, Ryan said.

Blackstone Police have filed similar charges against 19-year-old Donald Salvatore, of 245 Lincoln St., for hosting the May 8 party resulting in the 43 arrests in their town. His parents were out of town at the time, police said.