New York State School Bus Collides With Fire Truck, Seven Injured

(Buffalo, NY, May 7, 2004) - - A collision between a fire truck and school bus injured seven people in Buffalo Friday. Police say the school bus slammed into the fire truck at Jefferson and Sycamore Friday morning. Authorities say the school bus had the green light, but the fire truck had the right of way because it was racing to answer an alarm with lights and siren running.

Buffalo Fire Battalion Chief Tom Rapp said, "From what I understand, the school bus just continued on through the light and crashed with our fire engine."

John Fahey of the Buffalo Public Schools said, "The fire truck clearly had its lights on, and we teach drivers to be very careful going through intersections."

The bus driver, a bus aide and a student passenger went to the hospital, along with four firefighters.

The injuries were not life threatening.