Rhode Island Bars Ask More Time to Meet Fire Code

The Incident
First-In: Heroic Rescues
Death Toll Rises to 97
At Least 96 Dead in Inferno
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Fire, Smoke Turns Club Into Hell
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The Aftermath
Changes to Safety Laws Since R.I. Fire
Few Changes After Club Blaze Killed 100
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RI Gov. Orders Strict Inspections
2 Families Sue in RI Club Blaze
RI Nightclub Claims May Total $1B
RI Nightclub Death Toll Rises to 98
Victims Face Long Recovery
All But 4 Victims ID'd
Thousands Mourn Victims
IDs Could Take Days
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9/11 Widow Reflects
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Patron Capacity Unclear in RI Fire
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Federal Team Launches Probe
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Brannigan: Inspectors Ready?
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Investigators Check Soundproof
Pyrotechnics Examined in Clubs
Disasters Prompt Inspections
Sprinklers Not Required
Nightclub Up to Code Before Fire
Town Withholds Records
RI Begins Inspections
No Warning of Pyro Use
Pyrotechnics Usually Safe
Atty: RI Club Rep. OK'd Pyrotech.
Fire Challenges State Atty. Gen.
IDs Weighed Heavy on Dentists
FEMA Denies Disaster Aid for Fire

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``We have deadlines this July and we still haven't been inspected,'' said Dale Venturini, president of the Rhode Island Hospitality and Tourism Association.

Venturini's remarks came while testifying before a state legislative commission studying the fire safety code. She said many businesses doubt they will meet phased-in deadlines for installing sprinklers.

The deadlines are part of safety measures approved after the February 2003 fire, which killed 100 people in a West Warwick nightclub.

George Farrell, chairman of the Rhode Island Fire Safety Code Board of Appeal and Review, agreed the deadlines may need to be pushed back.

But, Democratic Rep. Norman Landroche Jr., who sits on the five-member commission, said he is concerned about how victims' relatives will react if lawmakers make concessions to businesses.

Landroche, a firefighter who was among the first to respond to the nightclub fire, noted that lawmakers still need to consider whether the deadlines are fair.

Representatives with the Rhode Island Association of Fire Chiefs said earlier this month that inspections have been slowed in some communities because of difficulty interpreting the new code.

Pyrotechnics used by the rock band Great White ignited foam placed near the nightclub's stage as soundproofing. The club's two owners and the band's former tour manager have been indicted on manslaughter charges.