9/11 Charity to Give Up Artifacts

A New York charity that draws raves from educators but ran afoul of city fire marshals because of its traveling exhibit of Sept. 11 artifacts has agreed to return some items to the FDNY.

"I've spoken with the marshals, and we're giving back items they've asked for," said Mike Bellone, founder of the nonprofit Trauma Response Assistance for Children (TRAC) Team.

The group uses the artifacts to travel the country and talk to schoolkids and civic groups about Sept. 11.

"Two years ago, when we started doing this, there was no rulebook telling us what we could or couldn't use," said Bellone, who was named an "honorary" firefighter by FDNY Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta.

Schools nationwide said they've benefited from TRAC, and the NYPD recently booked two presentations.

"These guys brought Ground Zero to us - all the good and bad that entails. It's something you can't learn in a book," said one principal at a Midwest school.


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