New Jersey Firehouse Interior Will Be Restored

The borough is working on making the interior of the Anderson Street Firehouse look as it did more than 100 years ago -- a few months after the restoration of its exterior.The exterior work was completed in November. With $450,000 in grants from the Somerset County Historical Fund, the borough was able to restore the firehouse's stained-glass windows, repaint the exterior, put a stainless steel floor in its tower, install three olive green, wooden doors and install a new roof.

The interior work, which may be started this fall, will include painting the inside of the firehouse and the "restoration of both floors," said Council President James Foohey. "We want to restore it to the way it looked many, many years ago."

The municipality will be applying for grants from the state and county to fund the project, the council president said. But since the plans of the project have not yet been designed, Foohey said, the borough does not know how much money the job will cost

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