San Francisco Mayor Promotes Women to Lead Both the Fire, Police Departments

As San Francisco's youngest mayor in over a century, Gavin Newsom is doing more than making good on a pledge to usher in a new generation of leadership. He is also single-handedly raising the X-chromosome count in the city's power circles.

His mentors include Feinstein and Pelosi. Newsom's wife, TV legal commentator Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom, is one of his most trusted advisers.

Newsom said he places a high value on the ``skill sets'' he associates with his mother, who died last year. Her ability to juggle multiple tasks left an indelible mark, he said.

``At the end of the day I was looking for the best, but part of what I mean by the best is extending the definition of what a chief of police and a fire chief should be,'' Newsom said. ``I'm not sure it's even kinder and softer, but a capacity to balance an extraordinary amount and at the same time recognize the importance of developing relationships.''

At a news conference with Fong, Harris said: ``Absolutely, there is significance in it, and the significance is showing we can change the perception of what or who can make a community feel safe.''

And then, San Francisco's top cop and prosecutor parted ways with a hug.