Massive Fire And Explosions Tear Through New Jersey Warehouse; Fire Crews Battling Six-Alarm Blaze

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(Kearny, NJ, January 29, 2004) -- Fire crews are busy in Kearny, NJ fighting a massive six-alarm fire in a series of warehouses. It has been burning for eight hours and firefighters say it could be another 24 hours before this fire is completely knocked down.

You can smell the smoke as far away as Queens and Manhattan. Even in Kearny, NJ there are still black plumes of smoke coming out of the building. However, fire crews say there is nothing toxic in this smoke.

Firefighters say this blaze was the equivalent of a six-alarm fire. Crews from at least a half-dozen towns are now on the scene.

The fire started in one building and spread to three other buildings. Explosions and high flames lit up the night sky. The crews knew they had to move quickly because there were propane tanks inside several buildings but they did get them out.

Frozen hydrants, snow and ice were also a problem on the scene as well as road construction on a nearby bridge. An NYC fireboat arrived on the scene and was trying to access the fire from the Passaic River but they couldn't get under the bridge and had to leave.

Firefighters say there is no reason to be concerned about toxic chemicals in terms of all of this smoke. The only thing burning inside of the warehouses are forklifts and the buildings themselves.

There is one minor injury with one firefighter. Fire crews expect to be out on the scene of this fire at least for another 24 hours.

Meanwhile, there is also a fire at a McDonalds restaurant in Englewood, NJ. Some of the flames have been knocked down but this is a huge three-alarm blaze started around 5:00 a.m. this morning.

The building is now surrounded with tower ladders. This McDonalds restaurant is at 41 Palisades Avenue in downtown Englewood. This is just a few blocks west of the railroad. The firefighters have been unable to place this fire under control but there are no injuries to report from this blaze.