Lexington, Kentucky Pays Tribute To Fallen Firefighter

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People lined the streets of Lexington Wednesday to honor a fallen firefighter.

Lt. Brenda Cowan was gunned down last Friday as she tried to help a shooting victim.

A visitation was held Wednesday from 10am until noon at the Consolidated Baptist Church. Lt. Cowan's funeral followed as hundreds paid their respects.

The "last call" for Lt. Cowan went out over the fire department's radio system just before 2pm.

Helicopters flew over the church and Lt. Cowan's casket in memoriam to the fallen firefighter. A 21-gun salute followed.

After the funeral, fire trucks took part in a processional. The route started at the Consolidated Baptist Church on Russell Cave Road and ended at the parking lot next to Rupp Arena.

Friends, family, co-workers, and even people who didn't know Lt. Cowan are coming to grips with her death.

Associate Pastor Anthony Stevenson, "She just enjoyed what she did--the sacrifices she made, the hard work."

Lt. Brenda Cowan made the ultimate sacrifice last week. "She just gave everything."

This large turnout from family, friends and firefighters holding hands consoling one another may be an indication of how much she gave and was cared for.

Hundreds filed into the Consolidated Baptist Church in Lexington Tuesday night, where Cowan was an active member.

She was involved in everybody's life from the children to youth to the seniors--she touched everyone's life, including 14 year-old Alyse Garrard. "She was like a big sister, a mother. She was just everything. She'd take me places. She was just wonderful."

Whether they talked to Lt. Cowan daily or caught up with her when they could, one consensus opinion echoes throughout. John Turner, "It's a fact, Brenda was the salt of the earth."

Stephen Branson is a college buddy. "She's just this super person that laughed and smiled and everybody was happy to be around her."

Deana Garrard was Brenda's friend. "I know she would just be shocked at all the attention. She's going out in style and it's beautiful."

As the sun began to set at the church, the support and celebration of the life of Lt. Brenda Cowan is just beginning.

Mayor Teresa Isaac has declared Wednesday Red Ribbon Day in honor of the fallen firefighter.

Lt. Cowan will be buried Thursday in the western Kentucky town of Sturgis.

Visitation for Fontaine Hutchinson, the woman who Lt. Cowan tried to help, is also today. It is being held at Milward Funeral Home in Lexington from 5pm to 9pm. Services are Thursday at 1:30pm.

Patrick Hutchinson, Fontaine's husband, is charged with killing her and Lt. Cowan. He's pleaded not guilty to both counts of murder and also faces two counts of attempted murder.

Hutchinson must undergo a psychiatric evaluation before he returns to court next month.