"Bachelorette" Star Ryan Sutter Says Life Almost Back To Normal

Firefighter Ryan Sutter of TV's "Bachelorette" fame says he's glad to be back at the firehouse and says his life has returned to normal - almost.

"Overall life is great," he says, of his marriage to Bachelorette star Trista Rehn and his work at the Vail, Colorado Fire Department.

He says the only difference to his job is that he still has a stream of visitors coming to visit him at the fire station. He said the numbers have tapered off, but he still sees a lot of "families with teenagers, college students around Spring Break time, older retired ladies and sometimes a few guys who just come to say hi."

Sutter said that at first, his fellow firefighters naturally got a lot of mileage out of teasing him about his popularity. "I would have done the exact same thing," he said. But his coworkers understand that his new marriage is nothing to joke about and that he is extremely busy, so they have taken on a new role.

"They went from giving me a hard time to being protective of me and my privacy," Sutter says. Firefighters field his phone calls and visitors to make sure that Sutter has time to visit with fans, and they try to make that aspect of his life more manageable for him.

In addition to his duties at the firehouse, Sutter has been making appearances at charity events with wife Trista and has been preparing to compete in the upcoming Iron Man Triathlon in Hawaii this October.

"It's almost like having two full time jobs," he says. His goal is not only to do well in the race, but at the same time to raise money for a charity for the families of fallen firefighters.

Sutter said he hasn't been actively looking for new opportunities in the entertainment world although he and Trista get approached with ideas, such as other reality shows. "I'm not interested in throwing my personal life back in the public eye," he says. However, he isn't ruling out television and says he might be interested if the right opportunity comes along, and can fit into his schedule.

He said his wife Trista, who he married in a two-hour ABC television special in December, loves the Vail, Colorado area and has made many new friends. He said she is doing a lot of public appearances, is taking dance classes and is considering opening up a shop. "She's almost busier than me," Sutter said. "We're having a great time together."