Toys R Us Party for Children of Fallen Firefighters in NYC's Times Square

November 24, 2003 -- More than 1,000 children of fallen firefighters got a head start on Christmas with a party at the giant Toys R Us store in Times Square yesterday.

It was the 49th annual holiday party and the third since 9/11, when 343 of New York's Bravest died in the World Trade Center attacks.

"They've been talking about it since last summer," said Susan Blackmore of her kids Brian, 12, and Jackie, 16.

"They're looking at all the things they want for Christmas and putting their orders in," said Blackmore, whose husband James died in a 1998 fire.

Mom-of-four Lisa Jordan, whose husband John died on 9/11, said, "It's important that the [children] come to remember their father."

Her two-year-old son Sean was born after his dad was killed, but "he'll come here [to remember him] for the rest of his years," she said.