Kansas Cop And E.M.S. Save Woman From Burning Car

Wellington fire and EMS crews who responded to an accident along the Kansas Turnpike say a woman was pulled away from her burning vehicle just in time.

The accident happened at 2 p.m. at the 5 mile post on the turnpike.

Patricia A. Kisinger, a 39 year-old woman from Ponca City, Okla., was southbound and attempting to move into the right lane, when she hit some built up slush and lost control.

The 2001 Ford F150 Ranch King Crew Cab Pickup she was driving slid down a steep embankment and hit a tree, causing the front end of the vehicle to catch fire.

Kisinger suffered injuries to her legs upon impact, and was able to get out of the vehicle, but not move away from it.

Kansas State Trooper Brad Smith was the first on scene and was able to pull the woman away from the fire.

Bill Hellard, the Safety Training Officer for the Wellington Fire Department who responded to the scene, said, "She was lucky he did pull her out just in time."

At that point, he says he received assistance from passersby who helped move her up the embankment.

They stayed with her while he went to his vehicle to get her a blanket, and one gave her gloves to wear.

They moved her into the trooper's vehicle to get her out of the weather until an ambulance arrived.

"I hated to move her, not knowing her injuries," he said.

At the time, they were working against heavy sleet and wind gusts up to 45 mph.

Smith, who has been a trooper in this area for thirteen years, says he has been fighting a back injury since June, and his house caught fire last this month.

"It's been a helluva week," he said.