Firefighters Battle Massive New York Warehouse Fire

Fire investigators still don't know what sparked a massive early morning blaze Saturday in Buffalo.

Officials credit the quick response by firefighters with preventing the two alarm blaze from being any worse.

Buffalo firefighters battled the massive warehouse fire for most of the night. The two alarm blaze at Howard and Lewis Streets on the city's east side engulfed a complex of abandoned buildings.

The intense flames kept firefighters from going inside. Reportedly one firefighter was injured.

Luckily, nearby by resident Elizabeth Skutnik didn't have to evacuate. Instead, she made sure her 11 children were safe inside.

Demolition crews spent the morning tearing down the old buildings, while fire crews continued to douse hot spots. Years ago, the complex served as a slaughter house.

Neighbors in the area say these buildings have been vacant for over a decade, making them an ideal hideaway for suspicious activity.

Jamie Kaminski said, "...because everybody knows they've been stripping cars and been open to public to get in and out of."

Jamie Kaminski of Kaminski and Sons Trucking has had his business in the neighborhood for over 15 years.

Watching the old walls come tumbling down, Kaminski says he'd like to see something positive take its place.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.