New Recruits Join FDNY

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Firehouses around New York City are about to receive a new batch of "probies," which is the nickname for the young men and women just joining the force. Over 300 firefighters went through the FDNY graduation today now becoming full-fledged members of "New York's Bravest."

The atmosphere at Brooklyn College is full of enthusiasm and positive energy. For the people who are graduating today in front of their families, this is the most exciting moment in their lives.

This day could not come quick enough for Joseph Stroebel. Today, he and 345 other probationary firefighters will graduate from fire academy. These brave men are a new generation of "New York's Bravest."

Joseph Stroebel, FDNY Graduate: "This is the greatest moment of my life. I am excited. I have family on the job and I am just trying to keep the tradition going."

Many here say nothing worthwhile comes easy. These "probies" completed a rigorous 13-week training program. They say the intense training was worth it. They know the extensive drills and exercises have prepared them for many of the challenges that will await them in their new career.

Andrew Kliesch, FDNY Graduate: "Training is really hard. But we have the best instructors in New York City and they treated us good. They are fair, but they are really tough."

This is the largest class to ever graduate from the FDNY. The new firefighters will now be assigned to different fire companies throughout the city. There they will undergo a one year probationary period under a senior firefighter.