Embattled Pennsylvania Chief Stays at Helm

Members of Wilkes-Barre Township Fire Department voted unanimously they want their chief to stay.

The vote for Chief John Yuknavich came five days after Pennsylvania State Police charged him with illegally writing himself $11,865 in fire department checks and making personal purchases at Sam's Club totaling $3,706 with the department's credit card, according to the citizens voice.

"I asked if they wanted me to leave, and they said no. They said absolutely not," Yuknavich told reporters.

Danny Harkenreader, a township firefighter for 10 years, confirmed the department membership voted unanimously to keep Yuknavich as chief.

"The chief stood up. He said everybody knows what's going on. He said he wanted to know what everyone thinks - whether he should stay or step down," he told the paper.

A firefighter made a motion to keep Yuknavich as chief, the motion was seconded and the 12 members in attendance all voted in favor, Harkenreader said.