National Run Survey - Part 2

For the 20th year, the fire service takes to the pages of Firehouse® Magazine to share and compare a number of statistics about company and department activity levels, funding, staffing and pay. A total of 294 career fire departments took part in this year's survey, representing departments from all 50 states and seven Canadian provinces. The departments represented in this survey protect 85 million people, and they have 130,546 members and budgets totaling $9.7 billion. They provide this service with 4,425 engine companies, 1,545 ladder companies, 1,851 ambulances and numerous other specialized units. They responded to 2.1 million fire calls, 6.4 million EMS calls and 9.9 million total calls.

The results for the busiest company in each classification reflect the single busiest unit of that type in each jurisdiction. Other units may have been nearly as busy, but only one unit of each classification per jurisdiction is listed. Part 1 was published in the June issue. Part 2 includes busiest engine companies, ladder companies, fire stations, battalion chiefs, ambulances, heavy rescue companies and hazmat units, plus staffing levels and pay scales. (Please note that some departments did not provide information in all categories.)

Our sincere thanks go to each department that participated in this year's survey. If your department does not appear, we invite you to request a survey form next year.

Busiest Engine Company

Busiest Ladder Company

Busiest Fire Station

Busiest Chief

Busiest Ambulance

Busiest Heavy Rescue

Busiest Hazmat Unit

Fire Department Pay Scales

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