The National Run Survey 1995 - Part 2

This concludes the 15th annual Firehouse® Magazine National Run Survey, compiling statistics from more than 200 career fire departments throughout the United States and Canada. This month's report lists each department's busiest fire station, battalion chief, ladder company, heavy rescue and hazardous materials unit, in addition to data on starting and top salaries for firefighters and paramedics, work weeks and apparatus staffing. (Part 1 appeared in the June 1996 issue.)

Our thanks to each fire department that participated in our latest survey. If your department did not appear this time, we invite you to write to us and request a National Run Survey form for next year's report.

Busiest Fire Station

Busiest Chief

Busiest Ladder Company

Busiest Heavy Rescue

Busiest Hazmat Unit

Fire Department Pay Scales

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