Grant Category Limited

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Assistance to Firefighters Act Program Office has been made aware that applicants are considering applying for certain facility modifications that may not be eligible for funding in the 2003 grant program. Accordingly, we have developed the following FAQ to provide clarification to the program guidance for those interested in applying for modifications to their facilities. For those applicants that have already submitted their application, it is not necessary to make any changes. Requests submitted for ineligible items under this activity will not affect the competitive standing of an application; we simply will not fund the ineligible modifications. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or your application relative to this policy, call our toll-free help line at 1-866-274-0960.

Q: I am considering filing an application to apply a non-slip surface for my apparatus room floor, bay door expansion, and bathroom upgrades to my fire station. Can I apply for this type of work under the "Facility Modification" activity in the Fire Operations and Safety Program?

A: The "Facility Modification" activity is designed for only the following measures:

  • Installation of sprinkler systems
  • Installation of exhaust extraction systems
  • Installation of smoke and/or fire alarm systems

Specifically, the Notice of Funds Availability states:

Eligible measures under this activity are limited but focused on promoting fire and life safety in fire stations and facilities. We believe that each of the eligible measures, if incorporated, would make any facility safer for firefighters. Measures that are eligible for funding are the installation of sprinkler systems, installation of vehicle exhaust extraction systems, the installation of smoke and/or fire alarm notification systems, and minor renovations to facilities that are necessary in order to accomplish other activities under this grant [emphasis added].

While the electronic application has a provision for requesting "other" modifications, any request for modification other than the three listed above will not be funded