Windham Fire Company Returning

WINDHAM -- The Windham Township Fire Company is ready to sit down and negotiate several issues with the Windham Township supervisors, according to a letter sent to the supervisors this week.

The fire company is also prepared to bring its trucks back into service for the township, a move that was being made by fire company members late Wednesday night.

The letter to the supervisors was written by the fire company's legal representative, James R. Carroll of Carroll and Carroll Attorneys at Law, and will join a letter being sent out to residents today. The letters come almost a week after a public meeting was held during which several residents expressed their desire to have the two parties resolve any differences between them and bring back the township's fire protection.

Carroll's letter informs supervisors Charles Davis and Larry Brown that officials with the fire company wish to "again sit down to negotiate several issues to resolve the differences and to provide fire protection for the community."

Windham Township has been using the services of neighboring fire companies since Feb. 3 when the township fire company moved its equipment out of the fire hall in a protest of what it said was a lack of appreciation by residents and the breaking of a contract by the township supervisors.

The letter from Carroll continues, "As a show of good faith, the volunteer fire company would be willing to immediately move the trucks back into the hall to begin service. This would obviously provide immediate fire protection for the community and would also reduce the expenses the township will incur in paying neighboring fire companies and creating a new fire company."

Supervisors Larry Brown and Charles Davis said in an interview with The Review and later in a newsletter released by the pair this week that they are planning to form a new fire company to replace the fire company that moved out of the township.

The fire company members are hoping to avoid not only the formation of a new fire company, but the continued lack of coverage for residents. In order to avoid both they are asking supervisors Brown and Davis -- Supervisor Ed Kaminski is a member of the fire department -- to "sit down and negotiate the differences in a reasonable and timely manner." Carroll asked the supervisors to call him immediately if they are interested in the proposal so that the issue can be discussed in more detail. "I appreciate your anticipated cooperation," Carroll's letter reads in closing.

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