Calif. Chief Nixes Event With Strippers in Station

San Francisco's fire chief's decision to keep a professional atmosphere at Station 1 Wednesday stirred up some controversy involving firefighters, a toys for kids program and strippers, according to KGO-TV.

BSC Management -- a company that manages the Gold Club, Hustler Club and other adult clubs in the city -- sent several girls to present a $20,000 donation to the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program.

The presentation of the check was slated to occur at the firehouse, but Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White objected.

The proper paperwork hadn't been filed, but even if it had been, Hayes-White said she most likely would have still said no, stating that "entertainers" inside the station didn't live up to the department's desired work environment.

The presentation was moved to a warehouse where the toys are stored.

"We were asked to find another location and we thought it would be a good fit to have it over here where the toys are at and where the families actually come to get the toys," San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program spokesperson Sally Casazza told the news station.

The company has been donating money to the charity for 17 years and a representative said its fully committed to continue that support despite the presentation issue.