Gusty Davis, CA Winds Fan Valley Flames

DAVIS, Calif. -- Gusty winds fueled more fires Wednesday, including one that damaged two homes in Sacramento.

The burned homes are located at South Watt Avenue near Florin Road. Several acres were also charred.

The fire department said that it immediately went into structure-protection mode, saving eight other homes.

The department's new helicopter made 22 aerial drops to put out the wild land fire.

High winds plagued the other parts of the valley as well, fueling more fires, triggering allergies, and forcing crews to stop work at times.

Officials say that they were on the scene of several fires in multiple counties. At least one barn burned down.

Fire officials say that they main problem is the weather conditions.

"It's just too dry. The humidity is too low. And when ever you have these kinds of winds and this low humidity, you have a fire problem," said UC Davis Fire Department spokesman Mike Chandler.

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