Firefighter Who Helped At Ground Zero Marks Somber Day Captain Says He Has Reprioritized His Life

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A rescue specialist from Kansas City Fire Station 18 was sent to New York after the terrorist attacks to help look for victims at ground zero.

KMBC's Maria Antonia talked with Capt. Chad Dailey about what he thinks about one year later.

Dailey said that in the 14 days he was at ground zero, crews were never able to make one recovery of a live person.


"We realized what we're doing is trying to recover remains and bodies for loved ones to give people closure," Dailey said.


Dailey said that attacks on Sept. 11 forced him to reprioritize his life.


"Family and friends are definitely much more valued than before," Dailey said.


Antonia reported that now at every emergency call, at every fire call, when Dailey reaches for his helmet, he looks for the pictures of his wife and daughters he slipped inside.


"And as I put that helmet on that picture is sitting there looking at me," Dailey said.


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