Dennis Smith Pens 'Report from Ground Zero'

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In time, the mission changed from search and rescue to search and recover, and then everybody found, full or partial, seemed a victory. Even today, going on six months later, there are almost two thousand victims who have not yet been discovered, and the chances of discovering them diminishes every passing day. The site will probably be cleared completely in May.

The site may be cleared, but the memory and the day-to-day effect of that most murderous attack on innocent Americans has not been cleared in any way. The events of September 11th are omnipresent in American life, and will be for some time in our future. They remind us daily of our need to be resolute and vigilant in fighting terrorism from wherever it emanates.

But, I have not written Report from Ground Zero to remind us of the consequence of evil. Rather, my aim has been to record the acts of great men and women, men and women who have given more than anyone had a right to ask them to give, and the courage and determination of the families they left behind.

It was written to show the world how the character of hard-working Americans at ground zero has solidified the will of an entire country. And, it is written to remind us of how the courage and determination of a few can inspire a whole world to think about peace, and how we must stand firm in its defense.

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