FDNY Tour Visits Athens Tenn.

Six of New York’s Bravest, along with their support crew rolled into our small city of Athens, TN, Friday afternoon, Nov. 23.

We met them at the city limits and escorted them to Fire Station 2. People along the way waved and blew their horns and flashed their lights which made us proud!

When they got to Station 2, there were three different news crews and a huge crowd of firefighters and other folks waiting for them. These guys were tired, but they began giving interviews to the media and shaking hands.

Later on that evening, we took the guys and their support group to the local hospital where they met with the night shift of nurses, doctors and cafeteria staff. The staff at the hospital had made up little gifts for each of the guys. Then the guys went around to some of the wings and met some of the patients including a young teenage boy who seemed to really like seeing them.

Then it was back to the station and steak dinners for all. After dinner, more people, including some firefighters from Georgia stopped by to visit with the guys. Again, they shook every hand and signed a lot of stuff.

Finally, everyone left and the guys were able to sit down and relax, take hot showers, and wash some clothes.

After a light breakfast, the guys took off for Chattanooga. We escorted them to the city limits and another escort picked them up. These guys are our brother firefighters and we wish them well along the way. It was a special time for the Athens Fire Department, one we will not forget.