Rescue Workers Searching For More Than Victims And Evidence At Ground Zero

Work continued at the World Trade Center disaster site Tuesday, as rescuers recovered more bodies. Officials say 4,815 are still missing, but there is something else they are looking for. Eyewitness News has learned that a truck load of money is buried beneath the rubble. Cheryl Fiandaca reports from lower Manhattan with the latest.

Sources say that a Brinks truck, filled with more than $1 million in cash, is buried somewhere at the disaster site. Crews have been removing tons of debris every day, taking it to a landfill on Staten Island. Police say that is where they found over 600 pounds of marijuana growing Monday night.

It is all gone now, blowing weeds is all that remains at the Fresh Kills Landfill, where police found 600 pounds of marijuana growing. It is the area where investigators are sorting through the rubble removed from the World Trade Center site.

Sources say Staten Island narcotics detectives discovered the marijuana, which they say has a street value of $900,000, hidden in an area overgrown with vegetation, in a lot that hadn't been used in 12 years. The area is between one and two miles from where FBI agents are sifting through evidence of the September 11th attacks. Detectives cut down the plants but have yet to make an arrest.

Meanwhile, at ground zero Tuesday, progress remained slow. In addition to the search for bodies and evidence, sources say crews are also searching for Brinks armored truck, believed to be filled with more than $1 million in cash. A Brinks spokesman would not comment on the search for the truck or its contents, but did say the company lost an employee on September 11th at the Trade Center. Sources say that employee was believed to be in the armored car.

In addition to the missing Brinks truck, gold and silver from two investment company vaults is also believed to be buried under the rubble at the disaster site.