Giuliani: Thousands Injured

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said 2,100 people were injured -- 1,500 ``walking wounded'' who were taken to New Jersey, and 600 others who were taken to area hospitals, 150 of them in critical condition. It could take weeks to dig through the rubble for victims. About 100 people were reported killed or injured in the Pentagon.

``I have a sense it's a horrendous number of lives lost,'' Giuliani said. ``Right now we have to focus on saving as many lives as possible.''

``The emergency personnel told us not to look back.'' -- Carrie Kennedy, an economist for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, who saw a body fall from the tower she had just escaped.

By evening, huge clouds of smoke still billowed from the ruins, obscuring much of the skyline. A burning, 47-story part of the World Trade Center complex that caught fire in the attack collapsed just before nightfall. The building had already been evacuated.

Officials at the trauma centers closed to the Trade Center -- St. Vincent's Hospital and Medical Center and Bellevue Hospital Center -- said the relatively low numbers of victims they had seen were only temporary. They said had received only people who were injured outside the Trade Center towers, and that the number would likely rise dramatically once rescue workers started digging into the rubble.

Across the Hudson River in New Jersey, Bergen County authorities massed about 50 ambulances by the George Washington Bridge, and all doctors and nurses who work in hospitals in Jersey City were asked to report. will follow the story as it develops specific to the nation's emergency services as it develops throughout the day. Please check back for updates.