Six Firefighters Rescued From World Trade Center Debris

There is some good news over two days of tragedy. Six firefighters were trapped in a void, a little section under the rubble, where they could breathe and live for hours trapped alive. They have been rescued. Jeff Rossen reports.

It appears they got in touch with emergency officials through their cell phones or through their fire radios. Somehow, authorities were able to find them. Workers dug through the concrete and the iron that was over them and pulled them out. One of the rescue men was from the Nassau County Police Department, who along with people from Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey helped to rescue the firemen.

Rescue Worker: "I was able to get up to the space and like everybody else and help to dig them out. I believe on of the firefighters was in good condition. The whole time down there he was talking to us, and his vitals were in good shape when we found him."

It will certainly be interesting to hear how he could survive and in good condition after a collapse of this magnitude. That information will come out soon.

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2001