IAFC Sends Contingent of Fire Chiefs To Aid New York Fire Department

Fairfax, VA -- Six of the nation’s most highly experienced fire service disaster experts are currently en route to New York City in a contingent from the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), which will offer support and assistance to New York Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen and his staff during the unfolding tragedy of the day’s events.

All the individuals in the group are members of the IAFC from the state of Massachusetts, and all were part of the response team which provided key support in the aftermath of the fatal incident in Worcester, MA in December, 1999 which took the lives of six fire fighters. The members of the IAFC response group include:

• Chief Nick Russo: Hull, MA - Team Leader

• Chief Tom Downy: Taunton, MA

• Chief Ken Galligan: Brockton, MA

• Chief Hobart Boswell: Foxboro, MA

• Chief Tom Kehough: Waltham, MA

• Chief Gerard A. Dio: Worcester, MA

According to IAFC President John M. Buckman, III, the association has publicly condemned today’s multi-target terrorist attacks as "acts of unspeakable cowardice", and pledged its full support to the Fire Departments of News York City, Washington, DC and all federal agencies involved in the multi-layered response to the catastrophic series of incidents which affected those cities this morning.

"Those fire fighters who lost their lives today were our fire fighters too, and we feel their loss more than words can say", Buckman stated. "Their sacrifice was as heroic as anything we have ever seen, and we owe them all a debt of gratitude". "But as members of fire service leadership, Buckman co"ntinued, "we are all too well aware of what is involved in the aftermath of such a situation- even one of smaller proportions. "We owe it to our colleagues in New York City to send them our very best to help all the members of FDNY to work their way through this terrible time."

About the International Association of Fire Chiefs

The International Association of Fire Chiefs is the professional association for senior fire and emergency service leaders around the world with a membership of more than 12,000 Fire Chiefs and associated officials. A truly international organization, the IAFC also counts among its members representatives from more than 30 foreign countries including Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

The mission of the IAFC is to provide leadership to career and volunteer chiefs, chief fire officers and managers of emergency service organizations throughout the international community through vision, information, education, services and representation to enhance their professionalism and capabilities.

The IAFC is managed by a staff of 30 at the association’s headquarters in Fairfax, VA at 4025 Fair Ridge Drive. For more information, please contact Gail A. Walters, Director of Communications at (703) 273-0911 ext 320.