IAFC Statement Regarding Terrorist Attacks

IAFC issues statement regarding the terrorist attacks in New York and Arlington County, Virginia

In response to the coordinated terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, DC today, IAFC President John M. Buckman III said, "This is an unprecedented national tragedy. The IAFC condemns this cowardly act and has offered its full support to the fire departments in New York and the metro Washington, DC."

Although no official numbers have been released, unconfirmed estimates indicate that there could be more than 200 fire and emergency services personnel lost to FDNY in today’s disaster. Noting this, Buckman said, "Even in the face of significant losses, the fire fighters of FDNY have responded with extreme heroism. These fire service professionals deserve our greatest respect and admiration. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families."

Buckman noted that this is the type of event that first responders must work through. "As members of the fire service, it’s our job to make order out of chaos, even in the face of our losses," said Buckman. "Whether we’re talking about the largest city in the nation or the smallest rural town, our citizens expect the same selfless response from each of us, and they get it-no matter what."

The association has been active in promoting counter-terrorism training for America’s first responders for such an incident. "As first responders, our nation depends on us to always be there. Experts on international terrorism have cautioned us here in America that we were not immune from the threat of terrorism on our soil, and sadly, Oklahoma City proved them right," said Buckman.

The IAFC will continue to closely monitor the situation over the next few days. The association supports the fire departments in New York and the metro Washington, DC area.