Texas Emergency Management Officials: Sunday Morning Search Update

As we grieve the loss of our space heroes and offer our sincere prayers for the families of the astronauts, our efforts continue for the search for debris and questions in the Shuttle Incident.

I will begin by giving you a situation report for the Jasper, Newton and Sabine Counties efforts.

The primary impact area of the path of the shuttle is approximately 250 square miles in Sabine County. Yesterday we narrowed down potential search area for remains to approximately a 40 square mile section.

Due to rugged forest terrain, efforts remain slow and painstaking. We have located over 120 sites that contained some debris. During our search we have located debris and other remains.

Eight persons were sent to a hospital in San Augustine for burns and respiratory problems due to coming in contact with debris and being in the area of fumes from the debris.

We will begin today to expand our search with efforts from the our team that include DOD, FBI, NASA, ATF, Secret Service, US Marshall Service, DPS, Forest Service both state and federal, as well as local county law enforcement, volunteer fire departments, Red Cross and others.

We continue to stress that anyone having information in regards to debris to contact their local law enforcement agency. Furthermore, to avoid contact with any parts as they are considered hazardous and possibly toxic. If you have come in contact with such debris to go to your family physician or emergency room.

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