Security Tight On Anniversary In Metro Detroit

DETROIT -- Federal government officials who are on alert for potential terrorist attacks believe that metro Detroit is secure.

There is a 24-hour command post in place at FBI headquarters, according to spokeswoman Dawn Clenney. The FBI will not go into detail, but have confirmed that increased security measures are in place.

Border crossings across the entire state have extremely tight security, Local 4 reported. Federal buildings and other potential targets are also on alert along with police agencies across the state.

Detroit police are in what is called an "emergency stand-by" mode, which means that the entire police department can be mobilized at any given time, according to Sgt. Ricardo Moore.

Crucial infrastructures such as power and water plants are enforcing their highest levels of security. Detroit's water system, which supplies many communities, has erected several rows of security barriers. More security guards have been hired to patrol the perimeters. The water department is also constantly testing the water for biochemicals.

In the year since the terrorist attacks the state of Michigan has tightened security around important landmarks. The state is spending $7 million to protect the state Capitol, $6 million to have National Guard troops stationed at airports, $4.8 million protecting borders, and $1 million for security cameras at Capitol and State buildings.

Before the attacks, the state spent $650,000 a year on security. It now spends $237,000 each month.

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