FDNY Captain: Heaven's Got Hell Of A Fire Department Remembering Fallen Brothers

NEW YORK -- Last year, this night, unknowingly, was the last night for the more than 3,000 victims and those who loved them.

NewsCenter 5's Jack Harper said that in New York, Ladder 35, Engine 40 lost 12 firefighters in the Sept. 11 attacks.

"First, there was nothing to see. It was like a heavy winter snow. It was very strange -- it was just snowing all day," New York Fire Department Ladder 35 Capt. Barry Meade said.

One year later, Meade heads the firehouse and remembers the men who served.

"Jimmy Garverson, an awesome power house of a man -- the informal leader. Bruce Gary -- the guy always for the engine. It is very sad. We just lost too many people. Everyone suffered. I see how much this has affected us on this job. I never did see a telephone or a computer or a monitor in all the months that I was (at ground zero). There was just dust and small pieces of stone. It was inconceivable. Where is the building? Where is the debris? I've been at building collapses many times. Where is the debris?" Meade said.

Someone gave the Fire Department video of the 12 firefighters going into the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 -- answering the last call.

"When I saw the faces, that's when it really -- I mean you look at those faces, and we have them up here on the walls, and, 'Oh, him! Oh, and him,' That brings it all home," Meade said.

Meade's father was on the job that day. From Meade's swearing-in to his promotions, his father was there. Now, after nearly 100 funerals, many are gone -- including Meade's father-- but not forgotten.

"I would have loved to have bounced thoughts off of Dad and (said), 'What would you have done Dad?' God, I would have loved to have asked that question. I think he is looking down saying I am doing what I can, and I think he is looking down very proud of the job right now. Heaven has a hell of a fire department today," Meade said.

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