Arkansas Airport Firefighter Stricken At Station

The Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport Fire Department has reported the death of Firefighter/EMT Curtis Walters, February 26, according to Chief Scot VanHook.

At approximately 2000 hours, Firefighter Walters went to the apparatus bay as was his normal routine. When his shift captain didn't hear from him after approximately an hour, he proceeded to the bays to look for him. Captain Lance Secor found Walters on the bay floor pulseless and apneic.

Despite the efforts of Secor, Police Officers O'Connor & Hollenbeck and firefighters and paramedics from NWARAFD, Highfill FD, Centerton FD, Cave Springs FD and Bentonville Fire and Ambulance, Walters could not be revived. Firefighters from many of these departments responded of their own accord upon hearing Captain Secor's radio call to Central Communications.

Walters had retired after 25 years of service from the Siloam Springs, Arkansas FD and had worked for NWARAFD since August 2000. Walters was a combat veteran of the Vietnam War, and would have served his first shift as Captain on Saturday, March 1.

Firefighter Walters was 52 years old and is survived by two young sons.

The funeral for FF Walters will be held Saturday, March 1st at 2:00pm.

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404 S. Williams
Westville, OK 74965

NWARAFD serves the Bentonville area of northwest Arkansas.

Inquiries can be made by calling NWARAFD at (479) 205-1021 or via email at

Scott VanHook
Fire Chief
Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport Fire Department