N.C. Fire Chief Who Allegedly Shocked Teen Fired


A fire chief in Rowan County was fired after accusations that he and another firefighter shocked a teenager with a Taser at their Christmas party.

The alleged incident happened last month, when East Spencer firefighters and their families gathered for their annual Christmas party. Fire Chief Shane Cranfield and former Chief Allen Carlyle are accused of using a Taser to shock an 18-year-old firefighter.

On Monday, Cranfield was fired and Carlyle was banned from the property.

Macon Sammons Jr., the East Spencer town administrator, said the incident should never have happened.

"It was totally and entirely inappropriate and uncalled for," Sammons said. "It should never have happened. And it forced our hand. We had to act."

Sammons said the 18-year-old was shocked multiple times with the Taser.

Sarah Etheredge lives across the street from the fire department and remembers the night of the party.

"They said they were playing around like that," she said. "It is weird. They shouldn't have."

Both the chief and the former chief have been charged with assault.

Town leaders said the men got the Taser from an East Spencer police officer, who resigned last month after the incident.

Even after the action taken Monday, many residents still have questions about the case.

"Everybody wants to know why," area resident Cindy Christie said. "It don't make no sense. Did the guy do something to them to make them do that?"

Fire chief let go after being accused of shocking teen with Taser


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