Toronto Firefighter Falls Through Floor, Mayday Sounded

Toronto firefighters averted a potentially tragic situation after a Mayday was sounded during a blaze at a storage facility Monday.

Crews were alerted shortly before 2:30 p.m. after a firefighter maneuvering through the maze of hallways fell through the third floor and landed one floor below, according to CTV.

Officials told the news station that the firefighter escaped without injury and was transported to a local hospital as a precaution.

Crews first responded to the fire at the building 97 Pelham Avenue around 6:15 a.m. and it continued to smolder into Tuesday morning.

Monday night, the fire extended through the roof of the structure, sending flames into the sky.

Fire officials said the layout of the facility, along with the items contained in the units made the blaze difficult to fight.

"You've got everything there from tires, to appliances, to chairs, furniture, that's what's burning," Division Commander Mike McCoy said.

The initial damage estimate is at $1 million and the cause of the fire is under investigation.