Explosion the Second Close Call for N.Y. Firefighter

A Rockland County firefighter has found himself in two close calls in the span of a year following a gas explosion on Monday.

Firefighter Ken Patterson responded to a house fire on Jan. 14, 2011, not far from where the gas explosion in West Haverstraw occurred, according to The Journal News.

When firefighters rushed into the burning structure, they were unaware that it had been illegally converted into subdivided rooms

Patterson became disoriented in the house and soon ran out of air.

He issued a Mayday and collapsed in the structure. Luckily, two fellow firefighters heard the call, found him and carried him out.

He was treated for smoke inhalation following the ordeal.

On Monday, the circumstances were much different.

Patterson and Firefighter Jerry Knapp were seriously injured after being thrown back by the blast at 52 Zarriello Lane.

"What are the odds?" Andrew Kolesar, one of the firefighters who pulled Patterson out last year, told the newspaper. "Two close calls in a year? He’s pretty lucky. They both are."