Charge to be Dropped Against Maine Firefighter

A charge against a Shapleigh volunteer firefighter involved in a rollover in 2010 will be dismissed after a year if she isn't accused of any other criminal conduct, according to The Portland Press Herald.

Firefighter Natasha Kinney, 31, was issued a citation for misdemeanor driving-to-endanger after she lost control of the apparatus on Aug. 8, 2010.

She told the newspaper she was relieved after learning that her lawyer and the prosecutor reached the agreement on Tuesday.

"I didn't do anything wrong," she said. "It just happened. I wasn't speeding. It wasn't malicious."

The crash occurred as Kinney was returning from a dryer fire and was on her way to refuel the 2005 tanker-pumper when she lost control negotiating a turn.

She was able to avoid four motorcyclists, who credited her with saving their lives.

According to Kinney, the combination of hitting the soft shoulder, blowing a tire and the weight of the water shifting contributed to the crash.

She was bedridden for a month and suffered injuries including one that required 27 stitches on her left arm.

Following the rollover, the town adopted a policy requiring fire apparatus drivers to have a commercial driver's license.

About a dozen of the department's 22 members now have commercial licenses.