Daily Runs Bring Focus on Fitness to Firehouse World

SAN DIEGO -- Mention the Emerald Society, and the sounds of bagpipes and kilts instantly come to mind.

Coverage of Firehouse World 2012

But, there's more than those for the San Diego Firefighters' Emerald Society.

They're into fitness, and are sponsoring runs every morning this week during Firehouse World.

"We're starting at 6 behind the convention center. We're hoping to get a good crowd. It's along the water, and involves various distances," explained Mark Woody, secretary-treasurer.

There also will be bagels, coffee, juice and water available for runners.

"You don't have to sign up or register. Just show up."

Woody said when he received the call from Harvey Eisner, show director, asking him to put the daily runs together; he decided his group would make it happen.

"We pulled it together really fast. I hope people will join us for the runs."

Promoting firefighter health and fitness is one of the SDES missions. The others include honoring firefighters, police officers and the military.

The group also has a contingent that goes out to promote safety education.

Woody added that you don't have to play the bagpipes to join the SDES either. Members can enjoy discounts on athletic equipment including bicycles as well as entry fees for various events.